In-house Design and Engineeering

Media Structures has an experienced and highly qualified In-house Design and Engineering team provide suitable, innovative and cost-effective structural and access solutions for clients events, whilst taking steps to mitigate risks and hazards and ensuring all deadlines are met, therefore ensuring projects run smoothly.

Using the latest Autocad 3d design and Structural Analysis software, the in-house design department produces detailed drawings with the relevant calculations for specialist structures, all in accordance with the latest EU regulations and British Standards, for both traditional and system scaffolds. Design risk assessments are carried out with every single design, no matter how small.

The Designers and Engineers are able to work with clients and Project Managers from the very beginning to the end of projects, using both 2D and 3D drawings to enable clients to fully visualize structures within their venues prior to installation. Using a ‘traffic light’ system to progress drawings from the preliminary to working stages, their flair and creative skills help turn the conceptual into the practical.