Planning an event, exhibition stand or marketing campaign is all about creating buzz around your brand, extending your network and meeting new customers. But the only way to achieve this and separate your brand from the competition is to do something unique and different. Bespoke structures can be the difference that makes your campaign a success and encourage customer engagement in way a standard structure cannot.

Advantages of Bespoke Structures

Focal Point

Bespoke structures for events can be a great focal point to represent the message behind your brand and what you are looking to achieve. It can be the attraction that draws people over, encourages them to get involved and makes them want to find out more – therefore creating the buzz you need around your brand!

Social Media

Being an extravagant focal point can also raise brand awareness as people are likely to post photos and videos online using your brand hashtags. If compelling enough, this can attract more people to join or attend the next event you hold after seeing it trending on social media channels.

To increase the chance of online exposure, it is also important to consider what to include on your bespoke structure to encourage photographs and social sharing. This may be helped by offering a bright, bold backdrop with a selection of props to be photographed with!


A bespoke design will be unique to your brand and help you to stand out from competitors in a fun and captivating way. There are endless ideas on what you can incorporate into your bespoke structure, but this is all dependent on who your audience is and what you are trying to achieve.


Being completely bespoke means your design and marketing team can go wild with ideas on what you wish to create!

Bespoke structures are the perfect solution for branded events, as one design does not fit all. Using specialist 2D and 3D technology our team at Media Structures can create bespoke designs, no matter how extravagant, to meet your campaign needs.

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