After an extremely exciting year in 2015, we look forward to the latest and most important trends in event marketing for 2016. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace that doesn’t look like slowing down, over the last year or so there have been many thrilling changes in the events industry, allowing for more engagement with consumers than ever before:

Event industry professionals are beginning to refer to an event as an experience

As more and more of the focus of events is placed upon brands engaging with the consumer, events are becoming much more experiential. As well as engaging with attendees during an event, due to the advances of new technologies, brands are presented with the opportunity to interact with consumers before, during and after an event. Given that events are now much more comprehensive experiences, it makes sense that many events professionals are replacing the word “event” with “experience”.

The connection between brand and consumer will continue to increase in importance

Whereas events were once mainly about getting as many sales or transactions as possible, the way the events industry is changed is that events are now much more engaging – consumers are encouraged to play an active part in events, communicating and interacting with brands. If consumers feel connected to a brand in an emotional way, they are much more likely to be feel a sense of brand loyalty in the long term and continue to invest in the brand’s services or products.

Brands will shift towards spending more of their marketing budget on events and experiences

Creating experiential events with the potential for engagement will continue to be a more important focus of marketing strategy. Rather than spending such a large percentage of a marketing budget on items to give away at an event, brands will continue to spend more money on creating a more memorable experience for consumers. Contrary to the belief that physical objects are more likely to please consumers as they last longer, an increasing number of brands will switch to the belief that a memorable event is much more likely to increase engagement and spread brand identity.

At Media Structures, we are highly experienced in delivering the whole experience package. From initial designs and conceptualisation, to the build of innovative, experiential structures that will help build brand awareness and engage with people, we can develop the right solution for any brand. Our aim is always to deliver creative structures to captivate and connect with people and get them talking.

As we move on from “events” to “experiences”, creating a memorable event will continue to be more and more important. If you would like to learn more about our branding and experience services for your next event, you can call us today on 020 8683 3131 or email us at