Experiential structures are great for both support and marketing during outdoor events, to provide the wow-factor and convey everything your brand stands for. With experiential features, you’re granted complete creative control to target your desired audience and leave them with something phenomenal to remember your brand by.

No matter the size of your event, from local community events to large-scale national events, experiential structures will provide a wealth of value:

  1. Brand Awareness

Experiential structures can deliver a certain wow-factor to set the tone for the event, as soon as attendees walk through. With quirky and original structures it can urge people to pose in front of them for social media photos, thus spreading brand awareness especially if you have a brand hashtag in use.

  1. Innovative

Events are your company’s opportunity to go out with the latest and greatest innovations in marketing to pull customers away from the competition. Experiential structures can get heads turning and people involved with unique designs and any engaging features you may add.

  1. Customisable

Experiential structures attract a lot of attention so it’s always a good idea to take advantage of this by customising it with your branding. This can help communicate your brand message clearly and creatively, making it an effective marketing tool.

  1. Design Freedom

Being a bespoke project, you will get complete creative control to be as innovative as you want. This allows you to incorporate a lot of messages into your design that represent your brand values, such as symbols, colours and phrases. It also allows you to target your design towards your niche audience and style of event for full impact.

  1. Complementing Your Marketing Strategy

The team behind your structure will work besides your marketing team or external providers to ensure your experiential structure communicates your brand message in a way that is both clear and accurate throughout the entire experience.

Allow your audience to be absorbed by your brand with our experiential structures, for a head turning effect. Here at Media Structures we provide impressive, economical and innovative structures to complete any event. Our specialist team will be there to assist you every step of the way, from the design process to the post-event clear up.