Media Structures recently received an amazing opportunity to work with the famous Australian Hillsong conference company on putting together a design and installation brief for the Hillsong Conference in London, which was held at the SSE Arena, Wembley.

The concept for the Hillsong Conference was very unique, providing a huge challenge that we were excited to take on. As well as working on a somewhat unusual concept, working closely alongside Hillsong’s production managers also presented a few challenges. For example, many of Hillsong’s team were based overseas and in different time zones, so it was essential that we ensured we communicated well with them to deliver in terms of both brief and budget.

As part of the project, we were required to design and install a one-off, bespoke stage for the world famous SSE Arena (formerly Wembley Arena). The stage was designed to provide an excellent view for the audience of the event from all angles, whether from the floor, or seated above. The stage also provided a perfect space for the speakers and performers.

It was also down to Media Structures to create and put into place solutions for:

  • LED screen masks
  • Bespoke staging infills
  • Non-sound interfering drapes
  • Stage floor covering

The bespoke designed stage was not only a massive hit with the audience attending the event, but most importantly, it was also a hit with Hillsong.

Media Structures are extremely proud to have worked on such a huge event as the Hillsong Conference, but also to have provided staging solutions for the SSE Arena, a venue that is well-known worldwide.

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