Structure Fabrication

Our structural fabrications are down to our passionate team of engineers, who aim to deliver innovative products to market through in-house design, development and manufacture. Working in partnership with you, we can successfully deliver tailored solutions to your exact requirements.

Some examples of our structure fabrication and installations include:

  • Dance podiums, platforms and walkways
  • Raised floor systems and staging
  • Staircase and access solutions
  • Cages and bespoke festival activations.
  • Buildings and studios
  • Roofs and covers
  • Branding walls
  • Expos, exhibitions and pavilions
  • Experiential projects
  • Art installations
  • Extreme sports

To ensure that we all have a good understanding of what the final structure should look like, clear straightforward drawings are presented to you for approval before fabrication begins, unless you have provided your own drawings for us to work from.

Our Team of Engineers

The Media Structures fabrication team includes registered professional structural engineers experienced in FRP design and AutoCAD detailers. Our engineers are experienced in the design of fibreglass structures and systems for custom design requirements. We also have extensive experience in fabrication procedures, joint design and stress analysis of composite assemblies. When combined, these elements result in structures of superior, cost-effective design and structural integrity.

For more information on our structure fabrication, or to talk about our full range of services please contact Media Structures today on 020 3781 7772 or email us with your enquiry.