Guy Martin's Wall of Death


Former Isle of Man, TT rider and speed junkie Guy Martin, recently set out on an extreme attempt to break a world record on the largest Wall of Death ever made aired live on Channel 4.


The Media Structures team were tasked with designing and building two viewing platforms, one for main public viewing and the other as a presenter platform, both with staircase access that would tower above the wall of death structure.  Also included were four camera support structures and central broadcasting platform for the Channel 4 media team.


To achieve the end result, this project utilized the Media Structures team’s expertise in temporary structural design.  Working with our client and with the creative capability of our designers, we produced 2D and 3D technical designs that would provide the Channel 4 team with solutions. The main solution being for the vibrations caused by the motorbike and what effect this would cause to the cameras that will be filming live.  Once the designs were complete and signed off, they were handed over to our expert production team to get the build underway.  The structures were erected out of our structural system, this is perfectly ideal for this type of build with it being so easily adaptable and the wall being curved.  The stage was now set for Guy Martin to go on and break the world record and go down in the history books.  Our structure was also a work of art, as there was no disturbance to any of the cameras on the live event.