Ideal Home Show


The Ideal Home Show is an annual event held in London and Manchester for the past 5 years. The show was devised by the Daily Mail newspaper in 1908 and continued to be run by the Daily Mail up until 2009. Its goal is to bring together everything associated with having an “ideal home”, such as the latest inventions for the modern house and to showcase the latest housing designs.


Media Structures were approached by the production team at Ideal to design and build an exterior stand that would house the famous “IDEAL” letters for weeks on end.


With the height of this plinth visually crucial to the end creative product Media Structures designed the perfect promotional stand whereby the “IDEAL” letters were always in the correct eye lines. Our design team worked hard on detailing the bracing of the letters to our structure which as a result can withstand winds up to 80mph, guaranteeing a secure free standing structure.  Media Structures also took into consideration the sponsored branding elements so we designed and built two smaller plinths to house outside promotions. Media Structures have been installing these letters for the past 5 years now, structurally and creatively and every year the experience gets better and better.