Nike Women's 10K


Each year NIKE launches their annual women’s 10 kilometre race. The event see’s thousands of women of all ages and from all over the country take part. In the summer of 2015 the race took place in the heart of East London at a sun soaked Victoria Park.


Media Structures were approached with the requirements to design and create a branded start/finish structure, which would act as the main promotional attraction. The structure needed to be large to house a digital 24hr clock and showcase all the correct branding and colour scheme. The race was being introduced by none other than Singer, Ellie Golding.


The Media Structures design team spent many weeks working alongside the client in designing a practical on brand and in budget structure. Once completed and signed off the Operation’s team were briefed ready for the build. The production team were also briefed and pre-fabricated all cladding elements in-house ahead of the installation. Once the structure was up and safe our panels were installed direct to our structure, after the structure was cladded our finishers started to wrap the panels in an on colour vinyl, finishing with pre-cut chevrons and text. All that was left was the digital clock that was lifted into the pre-cut hole and rigged within the structure. I think the images speak for themselves; it really was the main attraction.