Think of a mix between Lady Gaga’s and Rihanna’s dream house – then add in some neon twins, fluffy rabbit heads and masked ninja police – and you may have some idea of the setting of the Ministry of Sound’s brand new and theatrical Ting Tong Club.

The Media Structures team have had a task a little more out-of-the-ordinary this year, as we were asked by the major music group, the Ministry, to design and build the ‘Ting Tong’ experience for their newest and next-level nightclub to hit the London scene. Launched on the 12th March, it’s an experience unlike any other, providing attendees with an erotic, dark and twisted, completely surreal fantasy beside all the music and fun.

Here’s what the bizarre clubbing experience involves, and how we constructed it:

As you arrive to the ‘Naked, Fat, Sexy and Dangerous’ Ting Tong Club, you’ll be welcomed by a giant pair of ladies legs jetting out to the public courtyard, where you’ll enter between them to make your way inside.

We used fibreglass to create a realistic appeal for the stiletto shoes, and padded the outer doors with black fur – the inside was padded with pink vinyl. Yep, already this makes for a rather different Saturday night club.

(Source: Ministry of Sound)

As you go through to the main bar and dance room, we installed poles, chains and tubes for the many dancers to use as props. The dancers are placed on our 1 metre high podiums with polycarbonated tops, ready to serve drinks and entertain the guests. You’ll also be greeted by actors on swings which we set up from the balcony; it’s a very interactive experience, set to be weird, wild and one that you won’t forget.

Throughout the night the ninja police are on the rampage, placing un-expecting guests in a jail cell on the mezzanine, equipped with a bed and toilet – The Can House. You’ll also catch a glimpse of a few other unusual characters to mingle with, from running twins dressed in neon clothing, to men in rabbit heads caught in jail, and a scantily-dressed woman ready to give you a kiss.

The Ting Tong experience was curated by Mark Herman Creative and the notorious illustrator and digital artist, Reilly. We worked to infuse the Ministry of Sound’s unique music culture, with a highly-visual, artistic display that would deliver guests a brand new, interactive and captivating clubbing experience. We built the club set to function as a dramatic and over-indulgent stage for a new wave of underground music and entertainment, and it’s set to become global.

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