With festival events season upon us it’s time to start getting preparations in order. Summer is the season of events, perfect for bringing everyone together to celebrate mutual passions, from food to music and films.

Event preparation during the festival season can be a lot less stressful when you’re prepared and know what you’re looking for, which is why we have created a list of our top five priorities to remember:

Making Your Audience Comfortable

When hosting an event with entertainment, you want your audience to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy! Provide your entertainers with the ultimate stage to platform their talents, surrounded by tiered seating for all to see. Our seating provides ample legroom, maximum vision and easy accessibility with comfortable seating for up to 100,000 people so no one is left out.

Essential Facilities

Festival events can often last from just one day to a long weekend with people camping on site. Therefore, you need to remember to book appropriate facilities sufficient for the number of tickets sold. This includes bathrooms, seating areas, food courts… everything you know will be essential for convenience and a comfortable experience.

Front Row Experience

Let everybody feel as though they have a front row seat with a clear view of the event. Camera towers and screen support can spotlight what’s on stage and the surrounding attractions to make them visible for the furthest of audiences. Don’t let your audience have to bob up and down in their seat for a clear view of what they’ve paid for.

Creating an Atmosphere

You want people to feel that they’ve stepped into a completely different world when entering the festival site. Loud background music, exciting lighting and platforms you can see from a mile away! There needs to be something for everyone to enjoy so as people look around they’re presented with laughter and excitement. 

Memorable Experience

You want to make your event a memorable experience and have the audience remember the brand behind it all. Therefore, branded structures are great for brand awareness through bespoke set design and signage.

You can also opt for experiential structures for a more extravagant design. These eye-catching sculptures are great for Instagram-worthy photo opportunities and will provide a focal point during the event.

Here at Media Structures we aim to deliver innovation with impressive, economical and creative experiences for all our clients. If you’re planning a festival and need support with staging, seating and structures, get in touch with our expert team today.