We’re excited to have launched our new-look website at the tail end of last year, ready to start 2018 with a bang. At Media Structures, our mission has always been to deliver innovation with impressive, economical and creative experiences in everything we do – and that applies to our website just as much as our extensive range of services.

To deliver the highest level of quality and service to our existing and prospective clients right from the get go, we believe it’s vital for our new website to give a fantastic first impression of our brand. We always work to stay up to date with the latest innovations, so as well investing in the latest events, design and fabrication technologies, we’ve taken the same steps in providing a website that truly represents where we are at as a business.

User Experience

As well refreshing the look of our website, we’ve also put a lot of work into providing a seamless user experience. On a desktop and on mobile devices, the main navigation menu of our site delivers simple ways for any website visitor to find their way to information they’re looking for. By creating new category tabs, we believe that visitors will be able to navigate their way to any individual page with no trouble.

Whether clients are looking for bespoke event structures, in need of TV or film set support, or wanting to find out more about bespoke carpentry or structure fabrications, all information can be reached in one or two simple steps using our carefully planned menu.

Revamped look and content

Refreshing our website provided the perfect opportunity to not only give the look of the site a facelift, but to spend time improving all onsite content. We’ve worked hard to not only update the site with our new services, and latest projects, but to add to the existing content to provide more useful information on each aspect of our business.

We hope that you’ll enjoy our new website. For more information on our extensive range of event structures, temporary structures and services to the media, please browse mediastructures.co.uk. If you have a project in mind, please call 020 8683 3131 or email info@mediastructures.co.uk and our experienced team will be more than happy to work with you.